Mobile Hospital Solutions

Having specialized in preclinical emergency medicine for several years we are now developing our products further for applications in a clinical setting. Drawing on our experience, we can help you optimize the mobile care of patients in your hospital. Many of our devices, such as the MEDUMAT Transport ventilator and the portable LIFE-BASE system, are already in use in countless hospitals around the globe. We have just the solutions you need for anything from emergency room care and in-hospital emergencies to resuscitation and intra- and interhospital transportation.

Further information can be found in our brochure "Mobile Solutions for the Hospital"

MEDUMAT Transport

Emergency and transport ventilator - Ideally suited for pre-hospital and secondary care

MEDUMAT Standard²

Transport ventilator - Ideal for your MET; small and lightweight with broad range of uses

MEDUMAT Standard a

Ventilator for controlled and assisted ventilation

MEDUCORE Standard²

Defibrillator/Monitoring system -  for monitoring vital parameters during intra-hospital transfer and for intra-hospital emergencies

OXYWAY pressure reducer

Pressure reducer - offers the ideal oxygen dosage for every type of treatment