Air Rescue

The equipment needed for air rescue operations differs considerably from that used by ground emergency medical services. The team and equipment not only have to be prepared for especially critical cases, but also for working in cramped conditions and other factors unique to aviation medicine. We have taken these into account in the design of our devices, the latter having been approved in close cooperation with the air rescue services. This is demonstrated by details such as the MEDUMAT Transport’s night mode with dimmable display to help reduce reflections, or the extremely bright alarm light, which attracts the attention of operators regardless of extreme ambient noise levels. We also guarantee the airworthiness of our devices and their electromagnetic compatibility with the aircraft’s electronic instrumentation.

MEDUMAT Transport

Mobile ventilator - clearly laid out display with adjustable lighting and night mode, safe ventilation for ground and air transport with varied installation and portable system solutions

MEDUMAT Standard²

Emergency ventilator - small and lightweight with a broad range of uses

MEDUCORE Standard²

Defibrillator/Monitoring system - with major monitoring functions for ideal emergency care

Portable System LIFE-BASE

LIFE-BASE - tailored to different uses in emergency and intensive care helicopters


Mobile suction device - ready for immediate use, tested for capability to withstand vibration and oscillation


Emergency backpack - clearly organized contents, lightweight